Easy orientation for the visitors of IKEM

IKEM (Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine) is a large and modern, but labyrinthine complex with many departments and halls. Patients have been treated here since 1971. IKEM is visited daily by hundreds of people, whether in order to visit their relatives or to attend a conference or a workshop. To find the right way in the area among 3 specialized centers with 304 beds was never easy.

Since January 2015, visitors of the Institute can take advantage of the new interactive navigation system on three touch kiosks placed in the core great hall of the Institute. A video wall creates a part of the comprehensive digital solution, too, on its screens the ICEM presents the upcoming conferences and news.

One of the main reasons for the setting of the navigation system was to improve the care of visitors by simplification of the orientation in this medical complex. Visitors are no longer consternated and the staff may no longer respond to visitors‘ questions so often, thus has more time and space to do their job.

Visitors praise the transformation of the IKEM’s entrance hall and the use of navigation kiosks. Ivana Tiralová, one of the visitors of IKEM, mentioned: “I was at IKEM and it’s a real change for the better. Sick people are happy that they don‘t have to stray and search. I like the change.”

The actual navigation, which was formed with maximum emphasis on user friendliness and simplicity, combines 2D and 3D view of the individual floors of the Institute. A starting point according to the location of the kiosk is automatically offered to the visitor who determines then the destination within IKEM by touching the screen. An interactive red line guides users through a 3D preview of the Institute to the destination, so it is obvious to the visitor which way should be followed.

Just as a car navigation, the interactive navigation in IKEM will help you find your way from point A to point B, saving time and avoiding stress from straying.

IKEM was looking for a strong partner who would be able to deliver everything related to digital communications and would solve on request both software as well as hardware requirements, including installation. IKEM has found such a partner in the company Ki-Wi Digital.

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