Informed workers are more committed and more motivated


Johns Manville Slovakia Inc. engages in the manufacture of fiberglass and creates a part of a global group of the homonymous company which exists already for over 150 years. 900 workers of the Slovak concern operates mainly in the production.

Company management has come to a conclusion based on discussions with employees, that workers in the production are poorly informed and involved in the internal affairs of the company. They realized that for reaching the success of their organization is crucial that workers receive information on time so that they also experience the sense of belonging with the company.

The challenge was to find a suitable and durable tool that would be available anytime and would present the information quickly and on time.

The acquisition of 12 interactive kiosks deployed in the production areas the company’s management intended to improve communication with workers in manufacturing and their awareness without the need to have an immediate access to a computer.

The deployment of digital signage for the purposes of the internal communication at the factory of Johns Manville should fulfill the following specific objectives and expectations:

  1. Improve communication with workers
    • Communicate important company announcements, awards of employees etc.
    • Share current or recent events and case studies
  2. Increase productivity
    • Communicate key efficiency metrics, reports on progress and online data (warehouse data, production outputs etc.)
    • Increasing efficiency by providing real-time data of various metrics
    • Simple and quick availability and accessibility of the production documentation
  3. Improving safety and quality
    • Quickly and easily display emergency messages, security videos and internal training
    • Visualize important safety procedures which are mandatory
    • Follow every step of the manufacturing process to increase the quality management

Well-executed corporate communication aided by digital signage can make the workers feel the sense of coherence of the company, as well as the sense of participation in the company’s success and thus their commitment and motivation is going to increase.

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