Interactive kiosks as one of the tools to enhance customer loyalty


Almost every modern trading company takes care of their existing customers. These days, loyalty programs for regular customers are an integral part of it.

Most operators make their loyalty program available on websites and cash registers. Globus with a network of 15 hypermarkets was no exception. Globus, however, wanted to give its customers more convenient access to the program, and thus to achieve its more massive use.

Globus, as the first hypermarket chain in the Czech Republic, decided to make its Bonus Program available to customers directly in the store and to give them the opportunity to print discount vouchers which shoppers can immediately redeem.

The most suitable solution to this intention was to choose interactive kiosks with continuous access to the loyalty program in each of the hypermarkets in the Czech Republic.

The core of the kiosks is the Ki-Wi Kiosk system, which connects the device with its own application while remotely monitoring the operation of the kiosks, barcode scanners and printers. The integration of the Globus Bonus loyalty program application, created by the Wunderman marketing agency, was performed by the Unicorn software integrator.

The kiosks are appreciated not only by the customers. The IT department of Globus welcomes a comprehensive overview of the condition of the device and automatically generated alerts when technical assistance is required. Marketing uses the option of easy remote management of promotional messages that appear on the kiosks at the time when they are not actively used.

Thanks to the interactive kiosks with the loyalty application the customers of Globus are rewarded for their loyalty and frequent purchases right in the store, and Globus has thus clearly demonstrated that they value their customers’ loyalty.

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