New Version of the Ki-Wi Server 4.4 with Expanded Range of Features

The new version of the Ki-Wi Server 4.4 is the result of our customer’s requests and market expectations. It brings increased scalability and more features for a more effective employment and better targeting of the played content. Many of the new functions and benefits can be easily controlled directly from the  Ki-Wi Server.

Combine Interactive and Static Content
This new function allows interactive and static content to be combined on one screen. It gives the user the option to divide the screen into a touch and non-touch segments as needed. An example of a way to use this new function can be an information kiosk for the town of Aš, which, in its top and bottom segments, displays static information for viewing the played content (e.g. pictures, videos), which can be easily updated and managed in the Ki-Wi Server. The middle part of the information kiosk is an interactive segment which can be controlled by touch.


Preview of the Ki-Wi Server, where the user can define the interactive and static parts of the screen at will, including the displayed content.


Thanks to this new function, it is possible to simply play any YouTube video on a screen, tablet or information kiosk by inserting an URL address in the Ki-Wi Server. It is as simple as inserting the URL address and setting where and on which device the video is to be played. This function makes it possible to avoid problems with unsupported video formats or taking up memory capacity in the Ki-Wi Server.


Preview of the Ki-Wi Server, where the user can insert an URL address of a YouTube video and thus create a new medium.

Power Point

With the use of the Ki-Wi Server it is simple to play any content, such as a video or sound recording, which is a part of a Power Point presentation. It can be easily added to a playlist in the Ki-Wi Server as a medium and set to be played on device(s). This function will be appreciated by users who are proficient in PPT presentations but creating separate pictures and videos is not among their strengths.


White/Black list

This function is suitable primarily for interactive devices such as information kiosks, tablets etc. Thanks to this new function it is possible to easily create lists of allowed/banned websites in the Ki-Wi Server and assign them to individual devices, on which it will or will not be possible to visit these websites. So the user can block the access to selected websites, which are accessible to users, e.g. Facebook, IDOS or sites with inappropriate content. This way it is easy to avoid misunderstandings and inconveniences.


Preview of the Ki-Wi Server, where the user can define allowed and blocked sites.


Preview of the Ki-Wi Server – list of enabled and disabled URLs.

Urgent Content

It is often necessary to deal with situations which require urgent attention, which is mostly delivering certain information in the fastest and easiest way possible, e.g. various alarms or other important messages. Therefore, one of the new functions of the Ki-Wi Server is to “send urgent content” to selected or all devices. It is easy to set this in the Ki-Wi Server and send out “urgent content”.


Preview of the Ki-Wi Server – urgent content


Preview of the Ki-Wi Server – urgent content planning

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