New versions of Ki-Wi Player and Kiosk 3.1 offer unique features

Our two core products are used daily by companies such as Globus, Foxconn CZ, Tescoma, Euronics and Electro World. This September launched versions of Ki-Wi Kiosk Player 3.1 have met the requirements and expectations of not only the aforementioned customers. The new versions bring unique features.

  • Support for satellite tuner
  • Printer monitoring
  • Support for HDMI switches (screens switching)
  • Support for barcode readers
  • Selection of playback content from the touch screen
  • Support for offline pages in a kiosk
  • Manual induce of screen savers
  • Caching of web pages in a kiosk
  • Robust media download


This scheme is describing not only the extensive know-how Ki-Wi has in remote control and content management for displays, tablets and interactive kiosks but the capabilities of Ki-Wi software in controlling and monitoring peripheral equipment such us printers, bar code readers and support for satellite tuner and HDM switches.

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