POPAI AWARDS 2016 – competition exhibit

POPAI DAY 2016 extended to POPAI AWARDS is taking place in Prague on November 24. We entered for the digital section with an interior touch device used in Globus hypermarkets, so-called Pricechecker.

Exhibit characteristics:

A multipurpose touch device for displaying information about prices of goods, their ingredients, sales events and the like. When not being used, the screen prompts customers to put goods to the scanner, advertises current sales events or displays other information content. After the goods have been presented and their EAN read, the screen displays the price of the goods, retrieved from internal and external systems, or any other targeted information. After several tens of seconds the default information loop is resumed. The device switches on and off automatically – it is a fully unmanned system for the shop employees. The solution includes remote surveillance on the system in operation and central management of displayed content. The secure environment does not allow the customer to enter the system. The system collects data about the device usage at individual stores and keeps track of the most desirable information.

Description of project implementation:

Installation of 22 pcs of the device in a pilot project took place in two Globus hypermarkets in Q1 2016. The device consists of an AIO (computer + LCD touch screen in one), a bar code reader and a metal chassis with modular versions of the mount allowing installation in different parts of the hypermarket. Integration with other necessary applications has been conducted in cooperation with Unicorn Systems a.s.

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