Hardware for Digital Signage

While the core of our business lies primarily in software development, we will be happy to provide it with the necessary hardware. If you do not have your own LCD panels or information kiosks, we will be happy to supply them as a turnkey Ki-Wi solution.

What hardware can we offer?

Information kiosks

Do you need interactive screens for your customers or employees, where they can search for information or fill out a short poll? Information kiosks are right for you.

Advertising LCD panels

Play promotional spots and product videos directly at your stores or offer them information on current discounts. This will increase the experience of your visit to the store and promote sales and your brand image.

LCD information panels

Do you need to share information with your employees and business visitors? Screensavers are a great communication channel, with which you can always provide them with important information and current news about the company, as well as photos from the last team building event or menu for the next week.