Birth of Ki-Wi Digital

Ki-Wi Digital is a Czech technology company that has been developing and selling Digital Signage solutions to various entities, from retail chains through advertising agencies to cities and municipalities since 2008. It operates in the Czech Republic with pretensions to operate globally, continue to grow and be on the upgrade. In Brno, it has managed to attract excellent IT professionals who have developed and been constantly improving software products for remote control, content planning and management of digital screens, including client interactive applications.

An impetus to the establishment of the company was a Bachelor thesis by Petr Adamík, who was a 23-year-old student of the London Metropolitan University back then, and enthusiasm for digital technology, wireless Internet and advertising. The second co-founder, Tomáš Posker, secured funding from an angel investor. The original intention was to „digitize“ outdoor billboard advertising using wireless Internet WiMAX for sending Targeted content.

At the end of 2007, Ki-Wi Digital initiated cooperation with Brno University of Technology which brought forth first developers. The fact that companies were not willing to invest in digital advertising those days was not the deciding factor since it was necessary to address development issues rather than business. The backbone of the whole Digital Signage solution, Ki-Wi Server, gradually came into existence. This was followed by Ki-Wi Player a Ki-Wi Kiosk

Silicon Valley

Ki-Wi set out for a very inspiring and salutary working stay in Silicon Valley in 2012 as part of Czech Accelerator. Valuable experience in scalability, creating an MVP, networking and the like was not everything the stay in USA brought to Ki-Wi. At the end of 2012, Oldřich Ešner, current CTO Ki-Wi, came up with an idea which was named Oscar. The name of this new innovative product was designed by Tomáš Posker. Oscar was the first scalable product by Ki-Wi. It is an application which allows seniors to stay in touch with people and services that are important – easily, safely and entertainingly.

Current status

Ki-Wi Digital has begun to operate as a supplier of a content management system for Digital Signage, trade named Ki-Wi Server, including related client applications Ki-Wi Player and Ki-Wi Kiosk.

From a business perspective, we offer Digital Signage solutions – which means comprehensive Digital Signage solutions that include both software and hardware.