Advertising agencies

Effective outdoor advertising. Target, schedule, send and measure your ads.

Advertising agencies


Distribute advertising messages on the screen of your choice. You can always change, edit or update your content while remotely monitoring the service of displays and interactive kiosks.


What we do

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    Ki-Wi Server is a powerful outdoor digital communication tool in real time, so called Digital Signage. The main benefits of our cloud-based system are:

    1. The speed and ease of operating the system
    2. Advanced planning and targeting of advertising messages
    3. Time saving – you get more time for selling ads
    4. Function for energy and data flow savings
    5. Volume adjust function of the played sound
    6. Remote display monitoring
    7. Easy reporting and statements

    All this from one place, remotely over the Internet.

How does it work?

Remote control and content scheduling including a management of displays, tablets and interactive kiosks run through the Ki-Wi Server and Internet browser on any device (PC, Mac, tablet, etc.).

  • 1. Upload & save

    Upload images, videos, audio, animations, websites and texts. Create components on the Ki-Wi server which show a weather, breaking news, headlines, current date and time, and more.

  • 2. Organise

    Individual media can be easily added to the playlist. Playlists can also be divided into folders en masse and sent either to all displays, or only to a selected ones. Ki-Wi Server provides the ability to split the screen into several content separate and independent parts.

  • 3. Schedule

    Ki-Wi Server allows targeting and scheduling of content anytime and anywhere. It features an advanced dynamic scheduling which is extremely accurate. What, when, at what intervals, with what regularity will content be displayed, all this can be easily controled and planned for each display separately.

  • 4. Target & send

    The Ki-Wi Server shows all displays and any output devices. You can immediately see whether the desktop is online or offline, what content is being played and when was the last time it’s been turned on. Any content can be sent to an individual displays which you want to communicate at specific locations.

  • 5. Manage

    You will be surely enthused by an easy remote control and management of displays, by an easy update and the ability to customize content. You also have an option to pause, set a timer to stop and to mute the volume. The remote shutdown function or the reboot your display function saves your time and costs of service trips.

  • 6. Analyze

    Analytical tool offers an interpretation of the collected data. It can extract data from all interactive devices such as touch panels, barcode/RFID scanners, keyboards, mice and more. Thanks to a camera, you can monitor who has viewed a displayed content.

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