Electronics stores

Make it easy for customers to compare and choose a TV from different manufacturers in your store.

Electronics stores


Ki-Wi system for centralized management of displayed content on the TV cascades involving up to hundreds of LCD/LEDs from different manufacturers, enabling to display content from various sources and signals according to customer preferences (ie. user-defined content) using a touch screen. Of course there is a remote control and scheduling of advertising or information loop on the screens.


What we do

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    Euronics company allowed customers in their stores to compare TV devices based on content which they watch the most and based on signal that they have at home.

    User-defined content

    The system allows a selection of the content being played by customer or seller using a touch screen. The content on all TVs is, of course, being perfectly time synchronized.

    Remote content administration

    Remote control and scheduling of advertising or information loop on screens in all stores is being done by a marketer, online, from one place.


How does it work?

Remote control and scheduling of content and display sounds in stores runs through the Ki-Wi Server and a web browser.

Choice of broadcasted content on TV cascades is being performed using the touch screen. Signal Types:

  • TV tuner – terrestrial receiver DVB-T signal with a support for HDTV
  • Satellite tuner – Satellite Receiver DVB-S signal supporting HDTV
  • HDTV – digital signal with high resolution
  • 4K – Ultra HD
  •  Blue Ray Player
  • DVD player

Selection of a content on the TV cascades is being done using the touch screen. Types of shows:

  • sport
  • cartoons
  • movies
  • music


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