Industrial and manufacturing companies

Improve your internal communication and employee engagement. Let your workers have quick and easy access to all production processes and necessary information.

Industrial and manufacturing companies


Screens, displays and infokiosks in offices and in production

With the Ki-Wi solution, you will get all the information to your employees in offices as well as in production, without having to be at their computer, if they have one at all. You can send internal prompts and alerts to your workers and increase the speed of their responses or reactions. You can also alert them of upcoming training sessions easily and let them choose a suitable date for it.

By connecting interactive kiosks in production directly to your information system, workers get instant access to all the information they need. From production processes via an up-to-date overview of unspent holidays, to a breakdown of shifts. They will no longer have to ask their superiors, and thus their superiors get more time for their work.

You can also get valuable feedback from your employees with the help of infokiosks – through surveys that you can easily prepare and evaluate in the system. Workers will undoubtedly appreciate the possibility of choosing lunch from the menu for the next day through the infokiosk.



What will our solution bring you?

Easy management of information from one place

You can easily upload or update your prepared content in an instant, with a few clicks from a single computer, to any number of devices. You can structure the message and send specific content only to a selected group of employees. This not only saves time but gives you complete control over what your employees see.

Connection to information system

Using our software, we can connect information kiosks to data from your information system. Employees can then access the information without having to use a computer. Thus, they will always have all the necessary documents, production documents, as well as information on stock available at hand. Moreover, through the employee card they can access personal information about shifts, holidays or the choice of meals for the next day.

A new level of corporate culture

Well-done internal communication with the help of LCD information panels can provide the employees with the sense of belonging to the company and participating in its success. It is a great tool for increasing motivation and engagement of employees. In addition, well-processed content on LCD screens has a good effect also on important business visits or visits from headquarters.


Thanks to our solution, you can create and distribute polls and surveys that employees fill in right away. Using the online service, you can then easily evaluate the results. Likewise, you can send your employees various invitations and applications and ask them to enroll or confirm that they have read them. Immediately, you can see who has answered and who has not.

Case studies

Which companies use Ki-Wi solutions?

This multinational IT company uses our software to display internal information on LCD displays. Using it, they managed to take their corporate culture to a new level. How did Foxconn manage to do it?

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By deploying 12 interactive infokiosks, Johns Manville has improved communication with their production workers and their knowledge.

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