Age and Gender Detection

Age and Gender Detection

An application designed to detect gender and age of users including content change based on the detected information.


  •  Quividi, a software with artificial intelligence, integrated with a Ki-Wi Server digital signage tool provides detection of gender and age of users, content change based on the detected information and so a better user (customer) targeting. . The application uses a webcam to monitor and assess the surrounding activity and reacts by automatically changing the content. The application is used to detect age and gender of users based on online face analyses with the data being processed in real time and summary statistics saved to a drive. These statistics are sent to the Ki-Wi Server web application. So the Ki-Wi Server keeps track of the gender and age group of the people and also facilitates measuring the efficiency of advertisement.


How does it work

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    To better understand how the application works, here is a simple example: If mostly young women pass by the presentation, the application not only recognizes them, but also automatically starts playing advertisements targeted on women, e.g. adverts for perfumes or cosmetics for young women.



1. Gender Detection

It determines the gender of viewers (male/female) in order to target the content properly.


2. Age Group Detection

It sorts viewers into age group categories such as child, youth, adult, senior, unknown age.


3.Content Change

It changes the displayed content based on the measured parameters.


4. Sound Content

It starts a sound loop when a person is detected.


5. Attention Measurement

It measures how long a user pays attention to the presentation.


6. Time Measurement

It measures the time spent staring at the camera/monitor.


7. Distance Measurement

It determines the current distance from the camera.


8. Advanced Detection

In higher versions, it discerns mood, numerical estimate of age, whether a user has glasses, beard, moustache.

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