Indoor Photokiosk

Indoor Photokiosk

Elegant and Universal Solution


Whether you operate in the field of tourism, gastronomy or communal business, Photokiosk is the solution for you. The Photokiosk family is a universal system that you can just place anywhere in a room and it becomes functional right away.
Immediate benefits: the kiosk will start bringing in profits right after purchase. You will save on shop staff training costs, increase customer satisfaction and acquire advertising space that you can resell. In case of retail networks you have the network-wide communication under your control. Immediate and unlimited content updates without additional costs represent a great added value.
Unique variability in foil cover applications provides the very range of choices you need. No matter whether you prefer a low-cost application or detailed foil covering, with us you have the option to choose. Our accessories include 5 unique “Ki-Wi FOIL” versions, including a UV layer extending the foil service life.

Technical specification

Screen dimensions: 23″
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Connection: LAN, Wi-Fi
Material: metal, glass, plastic
Functions: touch, multi-touch
Dimensions: 640 x 1670 x 460 mm
Weight: 75 kg


  • globusref-globus-1_350x220

    33 interactive kiosks with Ki-Wi Kiosk aplication in all Globus stores in the Czech republic.

  • nestle-44x44

    Ki-Wi Photokiosk with original SW application Maggi recipes in Albert supermarkt. 

Other implementation

  • safina-93x60-bw

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