Ki-Wi Kiosk

Ki-Wi Kiosk

For interactive content at your fingertips
Reliable application for displaying content on touch screens and information kiosks.

What can you achieve with Ki-Wi Kiosk?

The Ki-Wi Kiosk acts as a secure Internet browser that allows you to view only the content you want and need on touch screens and in information kiosks. Thus, you can offer users interactive content where they themselves can look for the information they need. Navigation and search are easy and fast thanks to the tools such as a virtual keyboard or bookmarks. With the help of our software, you can connect the information kiosk also to other devices, for example, a printer or barcode scanner, and thus to further expand its functionality.

Access to relevant information only

With Ki-Wi Kiosk, you can set up users to access only the websites or applications that you allow from an information kiosk or touch screen. The software prevents error messages and system updates from popping up. Likewise, downloading files is prohibited, which ensures the security of the entire system. You can make it easier for users to access information using the home page with bookmarks, the modular control bar, or the sliding virtual keyboard.

Connecting peripheral devices

You can connect a printer or a barcode reader to the information kiosk. Through Ki-Wi Kiosk, users can, for example, print the necessary documents or view information about the product whose barcode they have just read. Likewise, it can be used to display internal information directed to specific employees after reading the employee chip card.

Screensaver with additional content

In collaboration with our Ki-Wi Player application, the Ki-Wi Kiosk allows you to view more engaging content while the kiosk is not in use. Whether it's news, images, photographs, videos, or other promotional content.

Ki-Wi Guide

An application designed for employees in the operation of industrial and manufacturing companies provides its users with access to files (such as manufacturing procedures or instructions) stored on a local disk. The user can search and view their details in these files. In this way, Ki-Wi Guide saves printing costs and time associated with updating and distributing documents to individual workstations. Employees always have instant access to up-to-date digital files.

Digital notice board

Digital notice board is used primarily in the area of ​​public administration, where it is necessary to provide citizens with access to information and documents through interactive kiosks. The application saves time as well as costs of printing and posting documents. Users have uninterrupted access to information in their digital and, above all, always up-to-date form. At the same time, there is no risk of document depreciation or intervention by an unauthorized person.

Remote monitoring and management

You can control and manage the content you display to the users on your information kiosk via a screensaver remotely from a single location. This is enabled by our Ki-Wi Server application, which also allows you to control the information kiosks themselves. For example, you can find out which device is currently turned off and remotely turn it on or restart it.

Demonstration in practice

Which customers use Ki-Wi Kiosk?

With 33 interactive kiosks with the Ki-Wi Kiosk application, Globus has extended its loyalty program to all stores in the Czech Republic.

By deploying 12 interactive infokiosks, Johns Manville has improved communication with their production workers and their knowledge.

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