Ki-Wi Kiosk

Ki-Wi Kiosk

Reliable interactive application for touch screens, internet kiosks and tablets


The main functions include access to information via a secure Internet browser, an attractive welcome screen and a presentation of another information when the kiosk is not in use. This presentation displays any informational or commercial content in the form of texts, photos or videos, which are being defined by the owner of the kiosk.

  • screen1 Secure Internet Browser

    The basic part of the application Ki-Wi Kiosk is a secure Internet browser with a support for bookmarks, whitelist and blacklist features. Kiosk prevents popping up of error messages and system updates.

  • screen2Virtual Keyboard

    Kiosk does not require a real keyboard for its operation, it offers a virtual one instead. User then inserts a text just like on a smart phone or tablet. Keyboard supports multiple languages.

  • screen3 Feedback

    Ki-Wi Kiosk offers the possibility of monitoring of all activities at the kiosk. In retrospect, you get a detailed report about what time of day were users interacting with the kiosk the most and which are the most visited websites.

  • screen4 Safety

    The interactive part of the application Ki-Wi Kiosk allows, if necessary, to restrict access to an authorized websites only. It is forbidden to download files from websites and in case of longer inactivity, you will be automatically redirected to the home page.

  • screen5 Multifunctiona player

    At the time of inactivity, the Ki-Wi Kiosk allows playing of a wide variety of digital media, such as images, video, audio, web, PDF, PowerPoint, or a stream. Content can be displayed both vertically and horizontally on various types of screens. The application is resistant to an internet service outages due to local storage of the played content.

  • screen6 Remote monitoring HW

    Ki-Wi Kiosk can be freely switched off anytime, and you can remotely reboot and monitor its operational status.

  • screen7 Energy saving

    Thanks to the regular power off function, Ki-Wi Kiosks saves electric energy. It allows a remote on/off switch of the display or a restart of the compute.


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