Ki-Wi Player

Ki-Wi Player

Application for publishing digital content on any digital surfaces


Ki-Wi Player can publish pictures, videos, audio,animations, websites and texts. It also publishes components that show weather, breaking news, headlines, current date and time, and more. Ki-Wi Player can cut media into several parts using templates. The main advantage are: an online update function, a remote monitoring of the digital surfaces, features for saving power and data flow, support for tablets and mini PC and the ability to adjust volume of the player.

  • screen1 Multifunctional player

    The main function is the ability to play a wide variety of digital media such as images, video, audio, web, PDF, PowerPoint, stream. Content can be displayed both vertically and horizontally on various types of screens. The application is resistant to an internet service outages due to local storage of the played content.

  • screen2 Screen split

    Ki-Wi Player offers the possibility to divide the screen into several parts using any templates. Each section contains another element, eg. digital content, current time, news, weather or a running information line.

  • screen3 Remote monitoring HW

    Remote monitoring of digital surfaces allows a complete overview of their status. Main advantage is an online update of the player.

  • screen4 Volume control

    The volume of the played sound can, of course, be adjusted remotely.

  • screen5 Energy saving

    Thanks to the regular power off function, Ki-Wi Kiosks saves electric energy. It allows a remote on/off switch of the display or a restart of the computer.

  • screen6 Time saving

    Ki-Wi Player enables targeting communication, its detailed planning and simple actualization. It saves time for managing and distributionf content.


Functions Start Profi
Playlists Ano Ano
Video, pictures, animation Ano Ano
Audio and background music Ano Ano
Websites Ano Ano
PowerPoint presentation Ano Ano
Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Ano Ano
Template Ano Ano
Activities of players Ano Ano
Regular off in the selected time Ano Ano
Remote control reboot Ano Ano
Support of web components Ano Ano
Directories and labeling Ne Ano
Stream (médium) Ne Ano
Campaign Ne Ano
TV/satellite broadcasting Ne Ano
Broadcasting from external camera Ne Ano
Scheduling Ne Ano
Reports Ne Ano

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