Digital Signage Software

We develop our own software that enables companies and organizations to communicate with their customers and employees using Digital Signage technologies. With our solution, we are able to get your digital content anywhere, anytime.

What will the Ki-Wi software bring to you?

  • The content you need, at the place and time you need it. Thanks to our software, you can easily and intuitively upload and update content and run it on digital devices remotely.
  • Management of digital content from one place. And for unlimited distance and any number of places and facilities. The possibility to play different content at the same time, depending on the location or type of digital devices, is commonplace.
  • Content planning. You can run content on devices remotely in real time. But you can also plan it and be sure that it will start at the time and place when and where it is needed.
  • Easy operation and organization. The user interface of the Ki-Wi software is user-friendly and intuitive. Within it, you can organize content and individual devices easily, so you always have everything at hand and in one place.
  • Possibility to play content without any PC connected. We can get your content to the device either via a connected computer or directly – provided that the screen you are using is “smart” enough and has an on-chip system built into it.
  • Connection to other systems. We are able to connect the Ki-Wi software also to your information system, e-shop or warehouse. Thanks to that, customers as well as employees can look for the necessary information through LCD panels or infokiosks.
  • Clear data from campaigns and surveys. Ki-Wi will collect and evaluate information for you, about users who use the device, in conjunction with information kiosks. At the same time, you can ask them questions and evaluate their answers.
  • A comprehensive solution for your Digital Signage. You can use our software either in combination with your own technologies or we can supply it as a complete turnkey solution. Thus, including hardware.

How does Digital Signage Ki-Wi software work?

  • 1. Upload and save content

    From pictures via videos and music to websites or current weather information.

  • 2. Organize everything

    Arrange the recorded content into playlists and folders according to your needs.

  • 3. Schedule playback

    Thanks to the server management tool, you can set content to play automatically and at an exact time.

  • 4. Target and send

    You can send different content to different screens or stores. Everything is always under your 100% control.

  • 5. Manage and update

    Just as you have uploaded content, you can easily change it or mute or turn off the screen remotely.

  • 6. Analyze and evaluate

    We will collect data from interactive devices for you which you can easily evaluate using the analysis tool.

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