TESCOMA customers watch product videos directly in the store

Thousands of customers go through the sales network of TESCOMA, the largest Czech retailer of kitchen utensils. Since 2010, they have been regularly meeting with the Digital Signage solution from Ki-Wi Digital. TESCOMA uses digital screens not only to present advertising and product spots but also to introduce the benefits of individual products in a novel way. Thanks to the connection of the screen with a barcode reader, suffice is to scan the code of the kitchen tool you are holding in your hand and a video with detailed information about this product will automatically launch. Why has TESCOMA decided to implement a solution specifically from Ki-Wi and what does it bring?

One step ahead of the competition

Using screens connected to barcode readers, TESCOMA shows its shoppers how the given product works and how they can use it in their kitchen. Thus, a new weapon was given also to the hands of the sales staff who can much more easily and convincingly present the advantages of a particular kitchen utensil to the customer.

We wanted to introduce a modern way of sales promotion. Until then, we haven’t used anything like that. We wanted to take the presentation in our stores to a new level that would help us to differentiate ourselves from the competition,” explains Michal Robek, IT Director at TESCOMA.

Tailored solution

TESCOMA’s requirements for the new Digital Signage solution were clear: We were looking for a reliable tool by means of which we could control screens in all stores. Remotely and from one place,” describes Michal Robek.

Two systems were shortlisted. We chose Ki-Wi because it could be tailored to our requirements. The competitive solution was basically crate-like and could not be changed,” adds the reasons Michal Robek.

Done in 2 months

The implementation, in which on the part of TESCOMA mainly the IT department participated, was quick and went without major complications. Less than two months after we approached Ki-Wi, we already installed the first screens in the store,” specifies Robek, whose team has been responsible for the smooth running of the system to this day.

But the functions of the Ki-Wi system are fully utilized and appreciated primarily by the marketing department, which prepares and manages the digital content for the screens.

Right choice

According to Jan Podhorný, Marketing Director of TESCOMA, customers praise the combination of screens and barcode readers. “Moreover, thanks to them we have noticed savings in training costs for both sales assistants and shoppers,” he adds.

“I would recommend Ki-Wi solutions to other companies as well. They are stable and open to new ideas and trends. I like the fact that Ki-Wi is constantly evolving and thus the system does not ‘age’. This makes our investment lively and if we need to add new functionalities, this platform will allow us to do so,” concludes Michal Robek.

The TESCOMA solution uses the following Ki-Wi products: Ki-Wi Player, Ki-Wi Server